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2. Measures have been taken in order to ensure that the website of Mevlana Petrol is free of viruses and other similar software, in order to ensure final security; the user is obliged to supply his own virus protection system and to provide the necessary protection. In this context, the user agrees that he / she is responsible for all errors and direct or indirect consequences of his / her software and operating systems as a result of entering Mevlana Petrol website.

3. All kinds of information on the website of Mevlana Petrol are only for publicity and giving information. The user can in no way claim that the information on the website is incomplete or inaccurate or has suffered damage due to this information. The user accepts that he is obliged to obtain the final and reliable information from Mevlana Petrol when making a transaction regarding the information, and acknowledges that Mevlana Petrol is not responsible for the information published on the website, which are not current.

4. Mevlana Petrol does not demand or accept that personal information (such as name, address and e-mail address) of persons under the age of 13 be sent to him. If a person under the age of 13 want to ask something to Mevlana Petrol or use the Mevlana Petrol website in a manner that requires the transmission of her personal information to Mevlana Petrol, her parent or guardian should transact for them.

5. Mevlana Petrol reserves the right to change the content of the Site at any time, to change or terminate any Services provided to users, and to delete the user information and data stored on the Mevlana Petrol website. Although Mevlana Petrol has taken all possible measures to ensure that the website is error-free, there is no guarantee for any errors or errors on the website.

6. In the event of a criminal complaint or an official investigation by the authorities and / or if it is determined that the user has carried out electronic sabotage or attacks that would prevent the operation of Mevlana Petroleum systems or change the function of the user, Mevlana Petrol has the right to investigate the identity of the user and to inform the legal authorities.

7. Mevlana Petrol will not disclose your information without your permission, which may lead to your identification unless otherwise provided in this Privacy Policy, unless it is required to do so for legal reasons (for reasons such as legal proceedings or requests from Mevlana Petrol for the purpose of preventing fraud or other crime) or if it believes that it has the rights , Assets or personal safety, as well as the security of its users / customers and similar reasons.


8. Mevlana Petrol may use your personal information (eg name, address, telephone number and e-mail) for the following purposes • To meet your questions or demands; • To process orders or applications from you • To implement an agreement between you and Mevlana Petrol or to fulfil the obligations under such agreement; • To be able to foresee and solve problems related to the goods or services provided to you; • To be able to give you information about Mevlana Petrol products and services and to reach you by e-mail or telephone.; • To create products or services that can meet your needs.

9. Due to the nature of the Internet, information can be disseminated on the Internet without adequate security measures and taken and used by unauthorized persons. No technological system is completely safe, "manipulated" or "hacked". Mevlana Petrol takes the necessary measures (as software and hardware) to avoid and minimize the risks associated with the unauthorized access and misuse of your personal information. However, the damage that still occurs is not the responsibility of Mevlana Petrol. The user must take all necessary safety precautions himself.

10. Even if you have reached another website through a link on the Mevlana Petrol website and have reached the Mevlana Petrol website through a link on another website, Mevlana Petrol is not responsible for the privacy policies and practices of other websites.

11. In some cases, non-personal information may be collected. Examples of this type of information are the Internet web browser you are using, your operating system, and the name of the site that will take you to the link to our site.

12. From time to time, information may be stored on your computer so that we can identify you. This information is commonly referred to as a "cookie." This information, which shows how and when our visitors use this website, can help us to improve our website. The use of cookies is an industry standard and many websites use it. Cookies are stored on your computer. If you would like to receive a cookie or know when it will be placed, you can set your web browser to do so if your web browser has this feature.

13. When you visit the Mevlana Petrol website, Mevlana Petrol receives your internet protocol address (IP) to track and collect non-personal information. For example, Mevlana Petrol uses IP addresses to determine which visitors have visited the site. IP addresses are stored so that your IP address cannot be diagnosed.

14. This policy, in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Turkey, will be carried out without giving any legal contradictions. If any article of this Policy is for any reason illegal, invalid or legally unenforceable, it shall be deemed extractable from this Policy and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining Articles.

15. Mevlana Petrol reserves the right to change all products and services, pages, information, visual elements and this privacy policy on this site without prior notice. We therefore ask you to check our privacy page regularly.

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