With Mevlana Petrol assurance, we offer BP Taşıtmatik, BP's solution developed specifically for fleets, to our customers keeping fuel costs of your company under control and save on fuel costs. With this system, you can take your fuel without leaving your vehicle and leave the station without making any payment.

Thanks to this system you can use in all of Turkey, you will not have to give cash or credit card to your out of town vehicles as well as prevent fuel purchases out of your control. Automation system and detailed reporting ensures full control of your fuel expenses

We, as Mevlana Petrol, make BP Taşıtmatik agreements with the companies that want to take advantage of this service and then carry out the Taşıtmatik installation on your company vehicles. The vehicles that have completed the installation process are starting to buy fuel from the Taşıtmatik system and we regularly send the reports regarding this purchases (including which vehicle, from which BP station, how much fuel is bought, etc.) to the company authorities for 10 day periods.

License plate, fuel type of the vehicle on your fleet is recorded to BP Taşıtmatik system. Vehicle programming unit containing this information, storage antenna and mileage sensor are mounted on the fuel tank entrance of the vehicle. Storage antenna allows information exchange with the emitter on the pump gun of Vehicle Programming Unit. Thus, abuses are prevented. Thanks to the Taşıtmatik system, it is not possible load fuel anywhere other than fuel tank and invoicing of non-purchased fuel.

Advantages of Taşıtmatik System...

  • 100% Fleet Management
  • End of Wrong Fuelling
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Widespread Station Network
  • 3 Invoices per Month (10-20-30)
  • Automatic payment availability
  • Ease and time-saving for your accounting procedures