Mevlana Petrol is the leading company of the region in wholesale fuel and makes direct fuel sales in compliance with required permits. We aim to provide high standard service to our customers in the best possible way. Our service quality is officially registered by increase of our customers each passing day. With the awareness that the success in the fuel sector is quality service, timely delivery and customer satisfaction, with the understanding of uninterrupted energy supply anytime and anywhere, we are committed to providing the products you need with the best service.

In line with this service, in addition to being a complete solution partner with our customers' products and services, ensuring customer satisfaction is one of our top priority objectives.

Mevlana Petrol offers the fuel products purchased by the customers with BP, Antoil and Tüpraş quality and 50 years of assurrance.

Mevlana Petrol, which fulfils all kinds of diesel orders of the customers with its strong infrastructure, expert and experienced staff, offers clean, on-time, safe, standards-compliant refuelling service to houses, workplaces, industrial establishments and mines.

Mevlana Petrol, in order to prevent any fraud occurred in the fuel, offers all products to customers by having them regularly tested at the laboratories. FuelOil 6 demands of our customers are supplied directly from Tüpraş and our vehicles are shipped to the delivery address together with the original Tüpraş seal, product delivery receipt, weighbridge receipt and product analysis report.