Mevlana Petrol builds on its strategies to ensure sustainable quality, prestige and regional leadership with an understanding of customer satisfaction that will raise the fuel-energy standards of the regions where it operates

Mevlana Petrol Human Resources aims to develop and implement systems that will ensure the continuous development, motivation and management of human resources that will create a competitive advantage in the implementation of these strategies and to implement them in line with corporate principles.

Human Resources Strategies

For the organization to reach the strategic goals, it is necessary to analyze the current and future needs of the organization and to establish systems that will develop the most suitable human resources within the institution.

Business Process Analysis

Mevlana Petrol handles the company-wide activities to the smallest detail on the basis of business processes and business relations. Analyzes and evaluates the processes examined in terms of authority/responsibility areas, inputs/outputs, performance criteria and critical success factors.

Following the creation of these analyzes, direct participation of employees is targeted. Issues that are open to development within the process and between processes are identified and solutions are developed.

Recruitment and Placement

The main objective of Recruitment and Placement at Mevlana Petrol is practised with the consideration of attracting, gain and progress the candidates who are suitable for the corporate culture and common values of the company, able to meet the needs of the positions, and carry the institution to the future.

In Mevlana Petrol, recruitment and placement is carried out through modern assessment methods such as one-to-one interviews, panel discussions, personality inventory in accordance with the clearly defined competence and professional skill profiles on the basis of positions.

Underlying the recruitment and placement at Mevlana Petroleum, in addition to the principles of innovation, reliability and equality, the attitude towards human rights applies to all of our employees as well as to the candidates.

Performance Management System

The purpose of Performance Management is to ensure the dissemination of the company strategy and objectives, to evaluate the performance of employees in their business results in an objective manner within the framework of common principles, and to guide the career development/backup, revenue package and personal development policies in line with the results of the evaluation. In this scope, performance management systems are developed and implemented within the framework of common principles for all positions from senior management to blue collar employees.

Wages and Benefits

”Job evaluation" is carried out once every two years in order to ensure fairness and to determine the level of contribution and importance of the position to achieve the objectives of the organization.

The focus of wage management in our company; company aims to distinguish performance and to have a long-term employee profile with satisfactory and competitive wage policies based on ob evaluation results, in-house wage balances, market wage research as well as economic conjecture.