Esteemed Stakeholders,

We, Mevlana Petrol are proud to become one of the most important companies of Antalya, started in fuel sector in 1959 and having completed institutionalization of Antalya, pearl of Turkey, operating in 20 service points including fast-food restaurants, together with 500 employees

Our main perspective continuous development and growth as a company that is sensitive to human and nature, doing business in accordance with ethical rules, and caring about the welfare and development of the peoples of the region.

Today, as Mevlana Petrol, we are constantly making new investments, developing new and innovative business models, and making our products, services and solutions and our business structure processes in line with our goal of absolute customer satisfaction.

The services we offer have always been of value to all parties and will continue to be hereafter.

In the coming period, I would like to say that we will continue to make more courageous targets and take stronger steps in line with the trust and faith we have in our company and our country.

Mevlana Petrol
Chairman of the Board