Mr. Ali YILMAZ, who started his career in 1983, has determined the fuel sector firstly as his main field of activity, and has grown rapidly in this sector and created the Mevlana Petrol brand, which is the most known brand in the sector in Antalya today and directs the fuel market of Antalya. Mevlana Petrol, is one of the leading groups in Antalya with its successful history in the fuel sector and acts with the vision of being a regional leader in the service sector.

With the support of the acquired retail experience in the fuel sector, invested in other areas of trade such as food and currency, became the first company which introduced the Burger King brand in Antalya, and has opened Turkey's first franchised Burger King restaurant.

Continues being one of the most important companies which have completed institutionalization of Antalya, pearl of Turkey, together with 500 employees, by broadening the areas of activity with Antalya Currency Exchange Office and Finike Currency Exchange Office, which are brands in currency trade.

Behind the success of Mevlana Petrol, is the customer-oriented and efficiency centred management approach. This approach develops not only with material gains, but also with the awareness of citizenship that all communities benefit from.

Mevlana Petrol, with its effective and solution-oriented environmental policies and social projects it considers as "responsibilities" rather than necessity, makes a name for creating a sensitivity about the future of our country and spreading this sensitivity to a greater circles as much as possible.